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Hotel Østerport is worth a visit - it is affordable, centrally located in the heart of Østerbro, located directly opposite the train station, and when you arrive, we are ready to help and guide you through your stay. The reception is open 24-7, and good service is a central part of the hotel's philosophy. The hotel has recently been renovated and features a simple, nordic style with wood materials and calm colors on the walls. We have rooms for all tastes, and despite the close location to the train tracks, we can offer more peaceful surroundings on the other side of the hotel. Ask about the different options when you book your room or call us and we will help you choose the right one for you. At Hotel Østerport you live in the heart of Østerbro. Many tourist attractions in Copenhagen are within walking distance of the hotel and include, among others, the lakes, the castle, the embassies and other cultural and historical sights.

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Get the best prices by booking directly on the website


As a guest, you can take advantage of our facilities and experience several benefits while staying with us.


We offer free WiFi in all rooms and all public areas.

Food delivery

We offer Food Delivery - Room Service from 400 restaurants via the Wolt app on your Manet smartphone. You only pay the bill when you check out.

Smart TV

All rooms have Smart TV with Google Chromecast, which provides access to Netflix, HBO and other streaming services, as well as Danish and international TV channels.

Cleaning clothes

Possible for specific periods for a fee. Ask at the reception

Manet Smartphones

All rooms have Manet Smartphones, so you can call the whole world for free, and we offer unlimited data during your stay - a low fee for Hotspot use only.

Rent a bike.

Rent a bike at the reception. DKK 155 per day per bike.

Turist Guide

Manet smartphones contain a tourist guide, which makes it easier for you to plan your stay in Copenhagen. You also have the opportunity to borrow the Manet Smartphones in the city and be guided to new and exciting experiences in Copenhagen - low fee for Hotspot use only.

Luggage storage

Put your luggage in our luggage compartment if you arrive before the room is ready.

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The hotel`s history goes back to World War II. The businessman Henrik Tholstrup had learned that there was a lack of hotel capacity in Copenhagen. The originally trained dairyman therefore bought the existing military barracks, which were used as an emergency hotel by the Allies, and in 1947 founded Hotel Østerport. At the time, the address was called Østerbrogade, but in 1962 the name of the road was changed to Oslo Plads. In the happy 60's, Hotel Østerport was considered a bit of an in-place, where people went to have fun, drink beer, party with friends and acquaintances and then enjoy the hotel's good train connections. In 1981, the legendary Danish chef Erwin Lauterbach opened Restaurant Saison at Hotel Østerport. For eight years he enchanted his diners with his French-inspired cuisine. Among them are some of the greatest painters of our time, such as Jørgen Nash, whom he in some cases offered a meal for a work of art. The hotel has undergone many extensions and renovations. Among other things, in 1955 and most recently in 2019, the current lobby was inaugurated and taken into use in connection with a complete renovation of the hotel.


Oslo Pl. 5, 2100 København

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Answers to common questions.

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What does breakfast cost and what does it consist of?
Breakfast buffet is served from 06.30 -10.00 on weekdays and from 07.30 -11.30 Saturday and Sunday. The price is DKK 125 for adults and DKK 75 for children. Children under 3 years are free. We offer a breakfast buffet consisting of scrambled eggs, hard and blue boiled eggs, bacon and sausages and a selection of breakfast products such as rolls, French bread, jam, yoghurt, with muesli, oatmeal and cornflakes, pancakes, croissants, cheeses and cold cuts as well as tomatoes, cucumber and fruit.
Are there parking options?
Hotel Østerport does not have its own car park. However, there are good opportunities to park close to the hotel in the streets around the hotel.
I have booked through another website, how do I cancel?
In that case, you will need to go to the website where you booked your stay to correct your booking.
Why use my credit card if I do not pay in advance?
When you book an overnight stay, we do not deduct money from your credit card until you arrive at the hotel. Still, we need the information as we provide it as a guarantee for your booking and accommodation. This means that we deduct an amount from your credit card if you e.g. do not show up the day you booked your accommodation. Another reason why we need to use your credit card information is that it is provided as a guarantee if you damage the hotel’s belongings during the night.